Message From MD



He is one of the leading Industrialists; he began his University education at Madras Christian College as a Political Science Student. He started his career as an entrepreneur and now is the Managing Director of Arise Investments and Capital Limited. Mr. Aadhav Arjuna’s lives by the motto “to do what is being done in a different manner”. His inherent skill of managing people helps him to enter into new ventures. He has developed a good team of professionals to manage all his ventures in a well professional manner.

He is an active participant in District, State and National level Basketball tournaments, currently holding the post of the General Secretary – Tamil Nadu Basketball Association. He has conducted various sports events, basketball championships in-order to promote rural sports development as part of the Arise Foundation. Mr. Aadhav Arjuna started the Arise Foundation with a passion to help athletes of all ages, in any sport reach their full potential.

Mr. Aadhav Arjuna is a National Basketball player and is the driving force of this institution. He is a student of Sports Hostel of Excellence, a state government scheme. He understands the need for a world class infrastructure and the economical support required for a sportsman to achieve the highest level. He has a passion to help athletes and enable them to have the same opportunities on par with the international standards. In a country like India, where education surpasses passion, his love for sports has helped and provided many underprivileged achieving sportsmen job recruitment in his organization. Arise Group of Companies began the trend of providing recruitment for players in the field of Basketball, apart from the Government.

He attributes the secret of his success to the development and upliftment of the society.