Low Interest

Loan Amount Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000

Timely Processing

Loan Tenure (1 Year)

Arise investments and capital ltd., is engaged as offers a variety of loans.

Income Generating Loans are offered to the rural women in a Joint Group loan, for a variety of activities that generate income for their families.

These joint liability groups are identified by field officers who cover villages within a radius of 25-30 Kms around the branch offices.

Loan amount range from Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000 and are offered with a tenures ranging from 1 year.

Installment for these loans is to be paid on a weekly basis.

Classification of Loans Loan cycle Loan Products Term of Loan
Main Loan 1st Cycle(New Member) IGL1Y20K 1 Year
Main Loan 1st Cycle(New Member) IGL1Y25K 1 Year
Main Loan 2nd and above Cycles IGL1Y30K 1 Year
Main Loan 3rd and above Cycles IGL21W5K
Secondary Loan Small Loan IGL21W5K 21 Weeks